Poll: Man Receives a Police Beating.

11 Apr

After watching this video, do you think this man’s rights have been violated?  Take the poll below!

Civil Pittsburgh wants it’s readers to look at this situation, and ask themselves, ” Was there some alternative to the outcome?”  If so, what could the police, and the civilian have done differently to produce a better outcome.  Further, when do you think force is necessary?  And do think it was justified in this case?  Please comment below!

These are the issues Pittsburgh.  Let’s have a civil conversation.


Man posts bail 


One Response to “Poll: Man Receives a Police Beating.”

  1. Tom April 25, 2011 at 3:07 am #

    Looks like a sporting event with alcohol involved. The civilian was mouthing to the officer, since we do not know the verbage that was spoken, and seeing that he was handcuffed, we must assume the officer told him to turn around at some point. The civilian, by his body language was not listening and defensive. What I see officers taking control of a potentially bad situaion.

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