I’ve Been Waiting a Long Time..A Long Time!

15 Mar

“Pittsburgher’s for Public Transit” will be holding a rally, March 19th, to stop cuts to the Pittsburgh Transit System. The Port Authority faces cuts that would lead to the reduction and elimination of multiple buslines, the loss of jobs and steep fare increases. The transit cuts will affect the lives of most people in Pittsburgh.  Whether you ride the bus to get to work, and your options for travel are decreasing, or you drive, and the roads are becoming crowded with more cars– many Pittsburghers will be affected in their own way.

“Pittsburgher’s for Public Transit” argue that these cuts can be averted and want the people of Pittsburgh to rally in support.  They believe:

The Port Authority faces an unprecedented 47.1 million dollar financial shortfall due to insufficient state and federal funding – a result of the economic crisis caused by the greed of Wall Street banks. The Port Authority proposes a 35 percent cut in all transit service, layoffs of at least 500 unionized workers, fare increases of between 25 cents and 2 dollars, and the complete elimination of service to more than 50 communities. This will be a crippling blow to Pittsburgh and our region, with disastrous consequences for tens of thousands of working people, commuters, students, youth, people with disabilities, and senior citizens!


Many Pittsburghers rely on public transit for their livelihoods and in their daily lives.
Maintaining and expanding existing public transit is key to Pittsburgh’s efforts to remain one of the “greenest” and “most livable” cities in the U.S.

 If you feel like this affects you, get out there and rally with “Pittsburgher’s For Public Transit.”

If you’re waiting for the bus and wondering, “Why?”  Check out the transit cuts here.

UPDATES:  Check out this week’s, March 16th, City Paper for an update on the transit crisis.


Well Pittsburgh, these are the issues.  Let’s have a civil conversation. 


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